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Funds and Collections

The Historical Archives in Bela Crkva is in charge of storing archival records and registry material created and accumulated by sociopolitical associations, professional and other organizations and individuals based in the municipalities of Bela Crkva and Plandište and the city of Vršac. 

The Archive’s depots store 3903 meters of archival material, classified into 657 funds and collections. Their records span the period between 1764 and 2011. 495 funds have been fully processed by the registry and amount to 2,255 linear meters. 

The funds have been provided with a summary inventory - a scientific information resource. The archival records are in Serbian, Hungarian and German languages. 

Download documents (available only in Serbian) 

  Registry of archival funds and collections in the Historical Archives in Bela Crkva (564 KB)

List of church record books stored in the Historical Archives in Bela Crkva (154KB)